Protect & Brand Digital Assets

Welcome to the AM.CO.ZA® V-Auto Film Cutting Machine with Wi-Fi Connection. The simplest way to cut screen protection film, for yourself and your clients.


Protective Film Cutter

This film cutting Machine is a quick and easy way to cut protection, privacy and (inkjet) printable films for your portable devices.

For added convenience, the machine’s built-in Wifi connection enables it to connect to a cloud based device-shape database. No need for a standalone computer.

Wide Range of Exciting Materials can be

  • V-Film Clear Screen Protector Film
  • V-Film MATTE Screen Protector Film
  • V-Film Blue Screen Protector Film
  • V-Film Privacy Screen Protector Film
  • V-Film Printable (White) Screen Protector Film

1mm Cutting Thickness

Support TPU, TPH, PP, PVC, PET etc Mobile Device Protection Films, Hydrogel Films, Anti-Explosion Films

Cutting Width 18.5cm

Maximum Cutting Width 18.5cm, Work with 120x180mm Films

500mm p/sec Cutting

Adjustable Cutting/Plotting Speed, Preset Cutting Pressure and Speed to Reduce Film Sheet Wasting

Resolution 0.0025mm

Mechanical Resolution 0.0025mm and Less than 0.1mm Tolerance on Final Cutting

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi (Own Internet required) to access template

Household 220V

220V Electricity, Compatible with UPS and Generator

Roland® Compatible

Utilise Roland® Compatible Tungsten Carbide Alloy Extra-Sharp Blades

Additional Pen Holder

Ball-Point Refill Included, For Practice & Decorative Back Film Pattern Development

V-Auto® Film Cutter VIDEO

Devices Templates

Cloud Device Library

v6-Film Library is a cloud based device template library that contains templates for multiple devices from over 240 popular brands. As new devices are launched, they are added to the template database.

Being cloud based, enables the device template database to grow as new devices are released. The already impressive library contains templates for everything ranging from top mobile phone and watch brands, to gaming consoles, to specialist camera screens and much more.

Simply put, any device under 120×180mm, with a screen or flat surface, that you would like to protect – would probably be available in this comprehensive device library.

We don’t believe in credit based cutting. That is why the  AM.CO.ZA® V-Auto Film Cutting Machine, comes with a complementary year of unlimited v6-Film Library access

If you purchase 1000 or more Protective Film sheets from AM.CO.ZA you receive a complementary year access. (A saving of around R1000).


Our v6-Film device library currently contains templates
for over 240 popular brands, over multiple device categories, covering thousands of devices.

Explore some of our more popular brands & device templates

Protect mobile devices like Phones, Tablets & eReaders​

Our most prized possessions, that we use everyday, are our Mobile devices like Phones, Tablets & eReaders. They have become our personified gateways to many different worlds. Yet they are shoved in pants pockets with keys and thrown into full backpacks. We also spend a lot of time and money to customise and make them unique.

A Screen or Printed Body Protection-Film applied to the right surface at the right time will not only add years to the life of a device; uniquely brand and beautify its body but might also add a layer of blue light protection and privacy for prying eyes.

Our growing device-library has templates for most imaging device brands.Visit our Mobile Phone, Tablet & eReader related section for more info and use-cases.

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Archos logo
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Sony Ericson
See more use cases & supported devices.

SHop OUR range of Consumables

Visit, to see our exciting range of film and vinyl cutting consumables. 


Applications & MATERIALS

V-Film Clear Screen Protector Film

A Clear TPU Film that offers protection to your devices screens.
Available in 50 Sheet packs.

V-Film MATTE Screen Protector Film

An Anti-glare TPU Film that offers protection to your devices screens. Available in 50 Sheet packs.

V-Film Blue Screen Protector Film

BlueLight Filter Film that protects your devices screens. Available in 50 Sheet packs.

V-Film Privacy Screen Protector Film

Anti-Spying Privacy Screen Protector Film offers Privacy. Available in 50 Sheet packs.

V-Film Printable (White) Screen Protector Film

White Printable (Office/Home Inkjet) Film that protects. Available in 100 Sheet packs.

Client Reviews

I would recommend the Tech support of this business to anyone, Carrington (the person that helped me), was quick to setup my machine, and I am very thankful for his help.
AM support is by far the best I have ever had. One phone call, a quick chat, click click and there we go, Cutter working perfectly. I will recommend AM.CO.ZA to anyone for sales as well as after sales support. Cant be happier!
Received very good service from Natasha Clark .She was very friendly and helpful .Thank you Natasha and for excellent service.
Tatenda is such a helpful technician, very adept and efficient at what he does. I have only ever received excellent service. Thank you AM.CO.ZA for having the best technicians to make our wold easy and convenient

FAQ & Support

Cutting on Film up to 1mm Thickness, Support TPU, TPH, PP, PVC, PET etc Mobile Device Protection Films, Hydrogel Films, Anti-Explosion Films
You can use most Home or office inkjet printers.

With the purchase of Film Cutter, you receive 1 Year Unlimited Access to Mobile Device Shape Libraries,.

If you purchase 1000 or more Protective Film sheets from you receive a complementary year access.

This machine is a DIY Product, which means you need to assemble and install the machine yourself.

The assembly, installation and setup of the machine software is relatively easy and we have included an installation guide to assist you.

If you require that we assemble, install and setup for you, an additional technician call-out fee will apply.

With the Broadband Internet and advanced software technology, we are able to connect to your computer to help you with setup and troubleshooting instantly without leaving our office. We provide lifetime unlimited remote assistance for diagnosis on all machinery we sell that connects to and works with a computer, and install and configuration all software we sold as well. Remote assistance is not subject to training.

Device Manual

We are currently updating our Online FilmCutter Manual, adding videos and making to it searchable. watermark

To us, Achievement Matters. Our goal is to support you to unlock your new CNC machine’s full potential. If you have any questions, not already answered on the site, please contact us our support number or via the form below.