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Article Index

Screen protector film Cutter with built-in database


Put the machine on a flat stable surface like a table. Connect the power cable and press power switch to turn on the machine.
Film Cutter Plugin

Knife installation

After using some time, the knife tip will become blunt. This will affect the cutting result, remedy this by adding more force, this will help to keep cutting the desired quality. Once the knife tip is really too blunt, or the tip is broken, please change to a new knife to keep the device stable and ensure quality cutting.

Installing the knife

Press the hand shank on the top and the knife will come out. Take the knife out by hand and insert a new one into it. Keep your finger away from the knife tip, to avoid injury.

Knife holder gear settings

Film Cutter knife In blade

Knife holder installation

Insert the knife holder into the carriage hole and twist the screw to fix it. Twist the screw in the opposite position to take out the knife holder.
Film Cutter Blade insert

WIFI Connection

Click the Wifi icon on the machine screen, then click on the available internet network and insert the password. Once successfully connected, the IP address will be shown on screen.

Select a Device to cut

Login to account

Click Product, go into the database and insert the username, password and select monthly option. Note: One account can be used per Filmcutter.

Loading Device Template to cut

Click login, then choose the correct model to cut.
A: Front protector
B: back
C: Anti-explosion film.

You can click + for full screen and – for smaller.
The Filmcutter will proceed to cut the template you selected and will return the material after finishing the cut.

Loading Film into FilmCutter Machine

Put the material in flat, be sure to touch and align on the left baffle edge. The material will be pulled into the machine automatically.

loading paper

Device Manual: Cutting Depths

Circumstances may vary, but a cutting speed of 60 mm/s is a recommended baseline speed for better cutting quality. Start there and increase the speed to find a balance between cut-time and acceptable cut-quality.

Small Increases in cut-time will not save much time off the overall process since the cut-length of the device is no too long and the majority of time templates cut, will be small.

Generally, printable films are for decoration. These are normally 2 layered vinyl or other material hence the recommended 200g cut pressure (as per the table below). On the other hand, a blade level of 6 is enough for the screen protector films, which are normally is 3 layer substrate.

A pressure of 300g and blade level of 6 is perfect for protector films.

FAQ & Support

Cutting on Film up to 1mm Thickness, Support TPU, TPH, PP, PVC, PET etc Mobile Device Protection Films, Hydrogel Films, Anti-Explosion Films
You can use most Home or office inkjet printers.

With the purchase of Film Cutter, you receive 1 Year Unlimited Access to Mobile Device Shape Libraries,.

If you purchase 1000 or more Protective Film sheets from you receive a complementary year access.

This machine is a DIY Product, which means you need to assemble and install the machine yourself.

The assembly, installation and setup of the machine software is relatively easy and we have included an installation guide to assist you.

If you require that we assemble, install and setup for you, an additional technician call-out fee will apply.

With the Broadband Internet and advanced software technology, we are able to connect to your computer to help you with setup and troubleshooting instantly without leaving our office. We provide lifetime unlimited remote assistance for diagnosis on all machinery we sell that connects to and works with a computer, and install and configuration all software we sold as well. Remote assistance is not subject to training.

Device Manual

We are currently updating our Online FilmCutter Manual, adding videos and making to it searchable. watermark

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